Interview with Dita Wegman

Background and Introduction: (A brief introduction, early life, background and current happenings).

I was born into a circumstantial privileged wealthy family at a different time where a horse-drawn carriage was the car of today. I had a wonderful childhood with the excellence of quality upbringing by my parents. This nice childhood time came abruptly to an end because of the 2nd World-War. And as a little child, expelled from her beloved homeland ‘Bohemia”. We lost everything and had to flee for days and nights on foot under partisans’ gunpoint, of Czech and Russian Soldiers.

This horrible exodus experienced in a very young age leaves permanent scars in a child’s Soul and sets the stage for your inner stability for further growth in life. To feel from deep within when you are touched by of every presented hardship experienced, makes you realize, ( later in life ) that we depend on much more than earthly implemented comfort we take for granted and sudden changes occurring hardships, you are helplessly exposed. You are being stripped from your solid foundation of the soil under your feet, you are born — displaced, like hanging in the air. No roof over your head. No bed to sleep. No food to eat, starving and fearful the gunshots around you could hit you or your parent at any minute.

This fear of helplessness going through and coming out alive again, letting you appreciate your daily bread, and not taking it for granted anymore. When you are forced to flee on foot surrounded by enemies and in daily fear of not surviving, makes you realize that there is a God, a higher power who we can hold on to, reach out when your cry for help forms in prayer to your heavenly father/God is the only source to hold on to. (This same picture we see on TV around the world of people fleeing from the suppression of your freedom — the world has not learned from mistakes of 70 years ago till today). This realization and early experiences were decisive in my entire life to say thank you for what you had, have and always will have, depending on recognizing God’s divine power of love and care, we depend on and should be thankful for every day because without HIM we and nothing else could exist.

Here is a little-summarized bio:

Dita Wegman was born in Sudetenland (Bohemia). As a little child, she experienced the atrocities of the 2nd World-War and went through the horror of the expulsion of her beloved homeland. Fleeing on foot under gunpoint by the Czech and Russian partisans to neighbouring Poland. Her father miraculously survived imprisonment in a Russian labour-camp and the family was reunited in Germany where her ancestors could be traced back to the year 1240 (at that time belonging to the Austrian-Hungarian empire).

Eventually, Dita left her protected nest called home and moved to Munich where she started in her business career, besides her Modelling and actress career at the same time. Travelling internationally and on stormy waves carrying her, enriched with life experiences, destined into the harbour of Canada. She married and started a family and over 25 years she held the position of vice-president of an international Cosmetic Company in Toronto.

After leaving the corporate world of business, she followed her longtime desire to delve into and to expose life’s purpose in her second book “HIDDEN Treasures of Sleep.”

Where do you get your ideas?

They are not ideas, but stemming from the fundamental base, rooted in the upbuilding governing laws of Creation, where life’s structure and our Planet Earth and we humans belong to, leading us to the answers:

  • Where we come from?
  • Who am I?
  • Why was I born?
  • Where are we going?
  • What is the meaning + purpose of life?

All these unanswered questions of Life are in fine details explained in the ‘Grail-Message’ “IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH” / Abd-ru-shin, already known to my grandfather in 1933 and the entire family since. It leads you to the understanding of the seen physical working Laws we know also as ‘Nature’s Laws’ and the beyond where the material behind the appearances are based and coming from, what is of SPIRIT. As a complete unified working orderly creation –plan and planet earth and we humans are part of God’s Work – The Creation we belong to.

Living by this designed plan seeing in natures-Laws and through my life’s experiences confirmed, I felt compelled to pass it on, showing where to find the direction leading to your GOD. (Science recently also acknowledged a conscious energy in Creations operation ). Our Spirit we carry within, human beings identity being alive, serves as our lifeline connection we can use in communication we know as ‘prayers’ send up to the Holy Spirit – of Gods spiritual realm we can enter also during our time of sleep. This is one source reaching upwards to the eternal Light. Sleep is not only because we are tired, for that we can also rest, but there is a huge difference — read more in the book “Hidden Treasures of Sleep!”

Our Soul with the core of spirit, in the right preparation before entering your nightly journey of Sleep every night, allows your Soul reaching her region of origin which lies higher in Creation, than the earth and our body belongs. She then is able to bathe in her fountain of purity, strength and beauty to be ‘recharged’, our noble human qualities felt from within in order for us to have Body – Mind and Spirit in harmony function for a new day we begin in the morning, reflecting in the noble human behaviour and conduct in thinking, and deeds, is the actual purpose and vital part why we need Sleep, a Mother Natures requirement. Read more in the book……

The night time, of sleep for all living forms on earth is part of life, it serves human-beings to maintain our overall well being, nourishes our inner faculty, strengthens our health, and to live in balanced harmony in happiness. Find the treasures YOU can collect SLEEP provides.

What is your writing process like?

Telling and showing a life from the earliest years of inner stability by demonstrating the excellence of character and inner strength by your parents and thereby planting in you the seeds, so vital for any young life, of the stability essential for all future personal growth. Deprived from all earthly support and comfort when starting a new life again from nothing, but with your willpower and determination whatever you set out in life to achieve— always aiming for the noble and good, depends mostly on your connection (when incorporating in daily life) Gods almighty existence and conviction of your belief, leading to any success — is my testament experienced by myself as the Truth, which leads us to the end goal successfully.

Tell us about your recent book ‘HIDDEN TREASURES OF SLEEP’?

It is the widely extended version of Nostradamus’ Dream Book, and focusing more on our core, the identity of us human beings, what is SPIRIT/we know and feel by our Soul. Bringing to the forefront in all explanation as for the ROOT of the matter, whatever you take on. My first book “Dream interpretation by Nostradamus”, I inherited, preserved it from extinction in 2003, the last book in the world (got lost even in the European Archives) where Astronomy, the power of the cosmic world shows us the influence of Planets and Stars and how they move us, humans, showing no separation between the extrasensory (intuition) and our inner voice as we know it , the cosmic world in radiation and our world of matter, guided by the Creators Will in His Creation by His self acting laws. This ancient knowledge dating back 4,000 years shows the nocturnal images we see during sleep we call Dream, is like an open window, letting us peek into our tomorrow what lies ahead (2,600 images from A-Z Nostradamus interprets I published also In HIDDEN TREASURES OF SLEEP again), and is a relevant helping hand when following Astronomy, the ROYAL-Art of Nostradamus especially during our time of SLEEP (when our intellect is taking also a rest—–by Natures-Laws operation).

How the readers can benefit from your recent book?

It brings you closer to the true make-up of species; MAN, since we do not live from flesh and blood alone, as science recently also acknowledged. Finding our CORE of existence what is SPIRIT/we feel and know as SOUL, originating from a higher level in Creation, as to which our earth and body belongs. We must finally bring back the Spirit /Soul to its ruling position of man as our master in command to the forefront of our daily lives behaviour, actions, and deeds. But we have failed and elevated the intellect our mind, our assigned tool, the servant in a master position we are following and the downfall is seen in all our aspects of life, as the result, by Creations-Laws reciprocal action.

Tell us about your second book ‘Nostradamus Dreams’?

This Dream knowledge and my own experience from a nightly vision I had, came true and saved my husbands life (indicated by my dream I had, warning me of the danger of death, and the swift actions I took rushing him to the hospital knowing this dream-image had a meaning) saved his life. Vividly told in the book to be read. Inspired me to bring the awareness of our extra sensory coming from a different world as our planet earth and we humans belong. Intuitively perceived images seen, a major part and ability we, humans, have to be connected with the invisible spirit-power – radiation in communication, during sleep which is connecting us with the beyond, a part of our earthly operation as a whole interconnected world, to our advantage when we pay attention to, and not ignoring those valuables inwardly perceived.

Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

I can’t deliver what they want, that is a personal decision and for everyone different and does not bring advantages to your own life. Only when you have the root of the matter, the knowledge understood (IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH) the rhythm of natures-laws explained applying also to us humans is now available for Mankind you are able to find your own way of seeing the connection with the root of any matter, applying to your own life unfolding, seeing the actual working of ‘Nature’s Laws’, (what you sow you will reap) you can put it together as a complete picture of your own life and leads you to the answer of the question “WHY it happens as it happens” — you get the answer of a precise designed Creation- plan, and you in it compared to your own life everyone should know about and live by, what makes any life meaningful and better, as you imagine to your own likings that which you had in mind.

Q. What period of your life do you find you write about most often? (child, teenager, young adult)

Getting to the core of the meaning and purpose of life from the spiritual point of view you only could have collected many decades of a life’s journey experienced and compared from both sides the earthly and the spiritual, what brings you to the actual core of the matter and shows us the interconnectedness the — beyond influence and present life on earth as a complete unified whole working pattern designed plan, when knowing about, have learned and understood only then you hold the key shaping your own future, and life on earth in your best way possible, in your own hands, to do so.

Q. What inspires you to write?

Seeing the invisible driving power what is Spirit-radiation as the core of life you carry within you, decisive in all we do and not our dictating mind as we think we have to follow, bringing the awareness of our precious Soul, human beings identify what is Spirit, felt from within is the actual ‘master’ of a human being ‘sending the command’ of our intentions to our MIND our intellect, should act only as our assigned (according to Gods – blueprint of Creation) Tool, as a servant converting bringing into physical reality to be seen, and a good ending is assured whatever you have set out to achieve.

But unfortunately, we elevated our Intellect to our “Master Position” we are dictated by and follow, instead of listening to our ‘inner voice’ – we feel first, the Spirit, our master, before making decisions and follow through — would lead us to our success by ‘Nature’s Laws’ showing us this right direction to take. You put a carrot seed into the soil — you must harvest carrots — there is no other way, even you wish you would like to harvest beans by – mind controlled and wishful thinking — it just does not happen. “What you sow — you will reap” —is a fundamental Law, and in reciprocal action in return, we must harvest from the seed planted. That is the LAW, no man can change, nor escape but must face.

Q. Do you believe a book cover plays an important role in the selling process?

Partly — Yes it attracts and curiosity sets in, and invites to the mysterious Cosmic world we can’t touch, during our phase of Sleep (subconsciousness) and the galaxy invites us to examine more we so depend on, is part of our existence we should know about on earth of the invisible planes, influencing happenings here on earth (climate change only to name one event) man cannot dictate nor change. “GOD is the power who activates ‘Natural Laws,’ the Power nobody has yet grasp nor seen, but whose effect everyone must see — if only he wants to do so!” ABD_RU_SHIN (quoted).

Q. What are your views on the current happenings in the world?

Seeing the collapse of almost all aspects of life, in private, in family, the social society structure, in the communities, in business and world events, were based on our firmly held ideas, over centuries we see the ‘effect’ having followed our own wishful way we liked to have as the fundamental base we oriented ourselves, instead of obeying the God-given ruling laws as our base and foundation we have failed to live by over centuries and not having lived in harmony with Mother Nature is coming to an end. When we look around us and the devastating forces of nature are hitting the entire planet in a severity not seen before. The question may arise … why can God allow such things??? Is this by his love? Or punishment??? (Man-made laws seem not to succeed anymore), we see in world leaders decisions they try to implement — and nothing comes about). The best example is the body of the United-Nations, they talk and talk but no change for the better as a result., because their opinion and not the fundamental base, the root of the matter is missing to come to an agreement, serving them ALL Since the divine laws by the WILL of the Creator himself is now taking over, and man has to obey and follow. Therefore we see everywhere the collapsing trend of the ‘old’ firmly held ideas we went by, in order to make room, for the “NEW — Spiritual awakening and Renewal of Man “ is now in progress. (Also predicted by Nostradamus and the Bible = turning point for mankind! We see everywhere in the world right now). By the devastating severe destructions Mother Nature is showing us, to change course, to see WHOM we have to depend on to survive and saving planet earth — God/the Creator in charge (what is not technology) — but through right conduct and behaviour towards our fellow man, we can change course. In the way of conducting our lives, in a better way and by the reciprocal action of the divine self-acting laws, planet earth and human suffering can than be eased.? The suffering of humanity has not reached its peak yet and will bring us to our knees crying for help and only than we finally let us see WHO we depend on and WHO (the source of the highest order – GOD) is in charge of deciding of being or not to be, in recognition and acknowledgement, of ONE GOD/the CREATOR.

Q. Where do you see the world going? Towards progression or destruction?

Every single individual is being held accounted for their own actions they take. Contributing in a noble way of treating our fellow man should come first before self-interest sets in. That would be a beginning to change our course and the belief in a higher power has to become conviction first, in knowing and understanding the Laws by the divine Will /God’s ruling on planet earth and all living form in it. For that you must learn and to understand his Creation Laws operating, since we are part of HIS work, in order to be connected with the power of the ‘turning wheel of life’ and beyond, to save humankind and planet earth altogether, explained in finest details in the BOOK “IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH” / Abd-ru-shin, a Natural-Science Philosophical Textbook, explaining the working laws in physicality/planet earth and the beyond in one completeness.

This classic work is in 80 countries and in over 25 languages available for humankind to change course. For everyone was given the opportunity to find for themselves the right path to take in their life. Provided they want – to find and to know — before it is too late.

Q. What piece of advice would you like to give to the world leaders?

Put the welfare of humankind before your political gain, what serves humanity first — your fellow man, where skin colour, creed and nationality have no place in it, before your political status and personal fame. Listen to the cry of injustice in the world, and not looking out for your own self-proclaimed superiority dictating with your power over others. Every Nation has its own characteristics and lifestyle established over centuries we call ‘culture’ reflecting their own values established by their way of life and their spirit developed, what makes a Nation in its quality. No one has the right to interfere and pressing their own views and beliefs upon them is against ‘humanity’ and God’s Laws. You have to respect others and accept them as they leave them in their own culture they have established and don’t try to make all equal that approach in it self-shows as the rapid downhill approach instead of the upwards way to the LIGHT. — It is against of all humans and their God-given — rights –of living on planet earth in peace and harmony for all.

Having understood the make-up of species man, then you will know the meaning and purpose of life seeing from a different perspective (which is not based on earthly welfare alone) and gaining superiority over others seeing as a power you have to change others — is dead wrong, and the consequences you cant escape ——-THAT’S the LAW. Treat your fellow man with respect belonging to the colourful picture of the world we live in under ONE SOURCE of the HIGHEST ORDER, RULING for all man. — DIVINE JUSTICE — Is EDUCATING!!! (Seeing in Nature’s-Laws are the best example … climate change as we see right now).


As Mahatma Gandhi /India puts it :


Q. How realistic are your books?

Very realistic, since they touch the base of the fundamental core of existence – knowledge – the roots of all beginnings, by the understanding of the governing Laws, Creation and their up building, leading to the ‘source of the highest order” you name and know as GOD/the Creator. We must respect HIS LAWS and also fear and can’t escape, as consequence seeing by humans actions and behaviour on planet earth, in reciprocal actions we must face.

Q. Which books have influenced your life the most?

There is only one ‘IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH” — The Grail-Message / Abd-ru-shin, where you can find the answers to the questions of life:

Where do I come from? Why was I born? Where do we go? What is the meaning and purpose of life? And so much more. My entire life I searched and found it, lived by this knowledge of Natures ruling order awakened my Soul it brought me the enlightenment and therefore the peace and progress in advancing. Having found the answers of the meaning and purpose of life, over decades in experiences confirmed, leads you upwards to the eternal LIGHT /God the Creators existence. Acknowledged that HE IS LIFE (Not the image of mystery Religion portrays him to be.)

Q. Is there anything you are currently working on that may intrigue the interest of your readers?

I have poems, the expressions of one’s Soul — touching your inner core and letting us ‘feel’ from deep within, uplifting you during your struggling days — giving you hope for a better world, being touched inwardly, leaving you with joy taking on every day to succeed — and happiness and inner peace is your own, and no depression finds the way to take hold in you.

The poems are in my native language German.
‘ DAS GEDICHT LEBT ‘ ISBN 987-3-8301-1076-7
R.C Fischer Verlag/Frankfurt

Q. If you could give your 18-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Take on every day joyful as it is been presented, to you, without fear of the future, since life’s experiences of all kind is a precious gift and the opportunity to mature and become your own personality. Be aware of, that you are a useful link in the turning wheel of life, on planet earth, you have a purpose to be here on earth, otherwise, you would not have been here in the first place.

Be a useful link in the chain of the turning wheel of life be of service what counts find it and your contribution of noble conduct, goodness aimed at your fellow man as a priority and the heavenly reward will find you in return. — give your best what you feel is right and have your fellow man always in mind first, before your own self-interests, and blessings you will earn throughout your life — is being granted (by the reciprocal actions of divine love and laws self-acting by Creation/Gods-Laws in action on planet earth, visible).

Q. Which book would you say has had the biggest impact on your life?

“In the Light of Truth / the Grail-message,” I have lived by those basic principals of Creation-Laws, also known as Natures-Laws showing us the entire Nature under the same ruling order, by ONE source of the highest order acknowledged and then you have found GOD/, in his WORK, our Earth the Home of human beings temporarily passing through as ‘GUESTS ’.

Q. What advice do you have for writers?

No advice. It depends on every individual to contribute to the whole, showing better ways to improve other lives — or to plainly entertain, but keep in mind, the consequence of your message you try to bring out into the mainstream — good or bad — will come back to you, in the reciprocal action by divine Laws — you must face — and can’t escape.

You can purchase the books from below links:

Hidden Treasures of Sleep

Nostradamus Dreams

Dita is available for interviews. You can reach her at the below address.


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