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AirAsia BIG members will now get a free 2MB Chats Plan for access to WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, KakaoTalk and Viber applications. You will get this privilege every time they fly on Rokki-enabled flights starting today. Rokki is an in-flight entertainment and connectivity platform that offers guests free entertainment, music, games, news, as well as shopping features. To enjoy this feature, BIG members only need to connect to Rokki WiFi during the flight and log in to the Rokki portal using their AirAsia BIG login details to automatically redeem the plan. There currently are 44 Rokki-enabled AirAsia aircrafts in service.

“Connectivity is integral to our lives, and this is something Rokki understands implicitly. We hope that this free in-flight Internet will help guests stay in touch with their friends and family and get the latest updates no matter where they are,” said Rokki CEO, Lalitha Sivanaser in a statement.

“Therefore, to ensure guests can always stay connected, Rokki is continuously advancing the digital transformation on board, further enhancing the inflight portal that offers entertainment, news, and exciting shopping deals on their personal mobile devices while flying.” added Lalitha.

Other Top Airlines Offering Free In-Flight Wifi are

  • Emirates
  • Qatar Airways
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Norwegian
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Air China
  • China Eastern
  • Nok Air
    Note: Time and data restrictions may apply

In-Flight Wifi Charges of Other Airlines are:

  • Virgin Atlantic
    £14.99 ($22.30) per flight
  • American Airlines
    £10 ($16) per day; £33 ($49.95) per monthly pass on domestic flights; £8 ($12) for two hours, £11.50 ($17) for four hours or £12.75 ($19) per flight on international journeys.
  • United Airlines
    £2.70 ($3.99) to £10.75 ($15.99) on domestic flights (according to the distance travelled); from £1.35 ($1.99) to £2.70 ($3.99) per hour
  • Aer Lingus
    £5.85 ($9.95) per hour or £11 ($18.95) per flight; free for business class flights
  • Delta Air Lines
    £13.50 ($19.95) for an hour and £27 ($39.95) per flight on a laptop or tablet; £10 ($14.95) for an hour and £20 ($29.95) per flight on a mobile
  • Southwest Airlines
    £5.40 ($8) per day
  • Finnair
    £3.50 ($5.50) for one hour; £11 ($16.50) per flight on its Airbus A350 (free for business class flights)
  • Qatar Airways
    Free for the first 15 minutes; £3.50 ($5) for one hour, £7 ($10) for three hours; £14 ($20) per flight
  • JetBlue Airways
    Premium Wi-Fi is £6 ($9) per hour, while the basic service is free.

Note: Prices and availability may vary according to the airline and the aircraft.


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