A Sneak Peak on the Viral Nestle Milo Controversy in Malaysia

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Few days ago, a CEO of a private firm posted a video on his Facebook which has gone viral. He stated in his post:

“My country is now the fattest country in Asia. And this food company…according to an expose in the New York Times, is partially to blame. Hope this video helps awaken people to how food companies are blatantly lying to us all. It makes you sick. Literally.

Here’s the NY Times Article:

However, Nestle has responded to the viral video claiming how Milo is “too sweet”, saying that if consumers follow its recommended preparation, the serving contains only 6 per cent sugar.

Nestle (Malaysia) senior nutritionist Nurul Iliani Ahmad said that Milo in powder form contains milk, malt, cocoa and sugar.

She said that the recommended preparation is to add five teaspoons of Milo powder into 200ml of hot water.

“This serving contains only 6 per cent sugar. Out of this 6 per cent, 3 per cent is natural sugar (from milk and malt) and 3 per cent is added sugar,” said Nurul in a statement on Tuesday (Feb 6).

Nurul clarified that the 40 per cent sugar content shown on the label refers to Milo powder before water is added.

With 200ml of water added, Nurul said that sugar comprises only 6 per cent of the beverage.

Nurul also said Milo has several nutritional benefits.

The Health Promotion Board will be drawing up guidelines to get food manufacturers to reduce the amount of sugar used in sauces, desserts and sweet drinks.

“Protomalt is a malt extract which gives a combination of different types of carbohydrates to provide energy,” she said.

She added that Milo also contains several B vitamins, vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, iron and protein.

“We encourage consumers to prepare Milo with powdered milk and/or water, and enjoy it as part of a balanced diet,” said Nurul.

“In line with the ever-evolving needs of our consumers, we continually make efforts to produce healthier and tasty products,” she added.


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