Today’s Free Android App: Volume Scheduler Pro

Control volume levels and ringer, change ringtone and notification tone on given time.
You need Volume Scheduler, The reasons are numerous to count.

Firstly, it seems to be much irritating when your mobile rings during a meeting, business conference and other sensitive occasions.
You may put your mobile on silence mode but sometimes you forget to do that.

Secondly, in case your mobile is in silence there are many chances that you did not remember to activate the ringtone while an important call is waiting for you.

Thirdly, assume you are in a crowded place and your mobile constantly rings in your pocket and you are unable to listen to the ringtone.

What can you do in these troublesome situations?
Install the Volume Scheduler app for Android that can easily and automatically change the ringtone volume of your phone from low to high and high to low based on the schedule you provide.

There are plenty of apps that do the same job, but they are very complicated, for such a basic and easy task you should just provide time and volume levels, that’s all.
but most of the apps are asking for the list of settings to configure, like change profile when GPS location is active, selected wifi connection is active and so on. and this costs you more battery loss and also occupies more memory of the phone.

Volume Scheduler is very simple app that does not use any background service neither it uses gps, wifi, and such other android services to change the profile, you simply need to specify the time you want to change the profile, most of the time you are well aware of your schedule, still some time things are not as per schedule like you get late to office, or at home, so app provides you the snooze/postponed options, so you can be postponed applying the silent/loud profile by just single tap.

try the app and you will find how its very clear and simple app on this category, and how it helps smartly changing volume levels, ringtones, and notification tones.

Ringer mode options: Silent mode, Normal mode or Vibrate Mode.

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