Egypt ‘elections’: Voters weigh in on ‘foregone conclusion’

Millions of voters in Egypt will begin to head to the polls on Monday, in a three-day presidential election that political analysts say already has a determined outcome.

There are 60 million eligible voters.

The National Election Authority has cleared President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Moussa Mustafa Moussa of Al-Ghad (Tomorrow) Party to run.

Despite the absence of polling, Sisi is expected to win after eliminating any real political opposition.

In 2014, when Sisi first ran for president, less than half of the eligible voters cast their ballot, with the former military commander receiving 96.9 percent of the votes.

Critics called it a sham election, however.

This year, the economy has emerged as one of the top concerns in the minds of Egyptian voters.


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